Surgical Drain Holder Pink Mesh | Necessary Comforts
Surgical Drain Holder Pink Mesh | Necessary Comforts

Shower Mesh Surgical Drain Holder - Pink

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Taking a shower after a mastectomy or pancreatic surgery can be really scary. Not only you have to shower while still being in a lot of pain but also you have to figure out where to put your post-surgical drains.

For your first days after the surgery when you want to come back to your daily routines, this Mesh Surgical Drain Holder will help you to take a shower without pain.

Our drain holders don’t have metal or hook and loop closures that could irritate your skin – you can secure it with ties instead. Trim the ties to your preference and wear it around your waist or even cross-body.


- holds up to 4 drains: the unique construction of 4 stretchable pockets prevents the drain bulbs from movement

 - adjustable size:  with no metal or hook and loop closures, you can adjust the size by tying the ties (which can be trimmed, as well)

- ideal for showers: made of  polyester mesh you can let the drain holder drip dry after the shower


This was a gift for a friend who was about to undergo a double mastectomy and she said it was very helpful during her recovery. The seller's communication was wonderful and shipping was super fast! Thank you, ladies!